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This past year has been a year of many changes.
As I look back on it, most of them have been for the good!

In the beginning of January, I was offered a contract in the company I had worked for a year back then (and I still work here so far), I was so happy! This meant I finally had a regular income and I was able to get my own life started!
So in February, I moved out of the house with my boyfriend. We found a nice place a little bit further from the city for a pretty cheap price because it was a bit further from shops and so on, which isn't a problem because I pass the shops when I drive back from work. It had everything we wanted: a big garden, room for 2 bedrooms and a room to make a dressing room and it also had a very large room where my boyfriend could make his studio.

Not long after, we started looking for a dog (we kinda missed that around the house because we both had pets when we lived with our parents). We found a nice breeder with very beautiful dogs and not long after, Lexi (a border collie) joined our family.

Our first summer in our new place was pretty amazing too! The weather was warm and we had a lot of days with sunshine so naturally, we just had to give a poolparty! (with a small Intex pool) It was quite funny! Of course the pool didn't survive our friends but that's alright.

Parties are a big part of our current life since my boyfriend is a dj. The bright side of it, is that we can almost go to every event in VIP for free if we know the people who are organizing it hahah
But it's not always as much fun as it sounds. It also means we are sometimes a bit obligated to go, even if we don't feel like it at the moment.

2012 was also a year with a lot of personal struggles in our relationship. We had a lot of ups and downs since we moved in together. I guess we just had a hard time to adapt to our new situation. We had to get used to doing more of housekeeping and still try to find enough time for eachother. But I think we made it through the storm and things are getting better again.
It was also a year with a lot of financial struggles. We didn't get the chance to save a lot of money since I moved out of the house as soon as I had certainty about a regular income. We had to buy a lot of furnuture and stuff like that, but I guess we survived that too and I hope 2013 will be a year where we can actually start saving again.

In December, we started thinking about getting a second dog. Border collies are very active and people have always told us it's better to get 2 of them so they can play together sometimes. We noticed with Lexi that this was also the case so we started to look for another breeder. When we contacted them, their dog was already pregnant and was about giving birth to the puppies any day from then. We planned a visit and by then, the puppies were born. Since they were everything we searched for, we immediately chose one from the nest. We will pick up 'Shadow' in February this year  I'm so excited already!

I think the best thing about 2012 was that we had a lot of cheerful moments that we spent with our best friends.
I hope we can continue that in 2013!


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